Corporate Sponsors of

We would like to thank the following corporations for their generous donations in cash, products, and/or services to, Inc. and our Outreach Programs.

Become A Better Trader Corporate Sponsor of

Become A Better Trader

2013 Donations
Operation: Marine Family Assistance

The Paul E. Singer Foundation

Purple Heart Hero Support™
$25,000 donation

Dayton Freight Corporate Sponsor of

Dayton Freight

2006-10 Freight Delivery
The Care Package Project™
Ongoing Support

Cherry Central Corporate Sponsor of

Cherry Central

Since 2006, Ongoing Support
Dried Cherries for Marines
The Care Package Project™

Covert Threads Corporate Sponsor of

Covert Threads

Since 2006, Ongoing Support
Military Socks for Marines
The Care Package Project™

Defending Freedom Corporate Sponsor of

Defending Freedom Wristbands

Over $30,000 for shipping
Ongoing Support
The Care Package Project™

Google Corporate Sponsor of


Since 2008, Ongoing Support
Google Applications

Build A Sign, Corporate Sponsor of

Build A Sign

2009 Producing and providing exhibit banners and materials

United Access, Corporate Sponsor of

United Access

2007-09 Transporting goods and providing volunteers for The Care Package Project™

SunNight Solar: Solar-Powered Flashlights, Corporate Sponsor of

SunNight Solar: Solar-Powered Flashlights

2008 Donation of Solar-Powered Flashlights
The Care Package Project™

ICE: Global Community Markets, Corporate Sponsor of

ICE: Global Community Markets

2007-08 Care Package Sponsor
The Care Package Project™
Ongoing Support

3M Corporate Sponsor of


2007-11 Donations of Packing Tape
The Care Package Project™
Ongoing Support

Hooah Energy Bars Corporate Sponsor of

Hooah Energy Bars

2005 Energy Bars for Marines
The Care Package Project™

Logitech Corporate Sponsor of


2004 Web Cams for Marines
The Care Package Project™

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